Volicon Releases Observer OTT

BURLINGTON, MASS. – Volicon has announced the release of the Observer OTT, an over-the-top A/V service monitor that gives broadcasters a way to capture content delivered over IP networks to smartphones, tablets and computers and then verify the streams with FCC regulations, as well as the ability to confirm the apps used to access content are functioning properly.

In addition to the ability to compare content sent by the operator with those received by the target device, broadcasters can use Observer to confirm the integrity of the content being consumed across geographically distributed locations, even without access to the direct feed from the content delivery network.

The Observer not only reveals how consumers experience content, but supplies recording history that speeds isolation and resolution of any quality issues for content viewed on any device. It also facilitates remote streaming and review, as well as compatibility of both unencrypted and encrypted content. This allows users to ensure that VOD and linear services are always available at optimal quality, validate service level agreements with CDNs, confirm presence of captioning and determine that specialized apps are providing optimal quality of experience.