Volicon And Triveni Partner On DTV Monitoring

Volicon and Triveni Digital have partnered to provide comprehensive analysis of digital video streams through the integration of Volicon’s Observer RPM and Triveni’s StreamScope.

The Observer RPM multichannel signal monitoring system and StreamScope RM-40 remote monitoring and analysis solution combine to detect correlations between problems in the MPEG transport stream and problems in video delivered to viewers. These correlations were previously unable to be found.

"The Observer system helps cable operators achieve a better visual understanding of how select types of MPEG problems detected by our StreamScope RM-40 monitoring and analysis system affect the viewer experience," said Ralph Bachofen, director of product management and marketing at Triveni Digital. "This helps operators determine what kinds of problems are likely to result in complaint calls."

When the RM-40 detects transport problems that might affect decoding, it has the Observer RPM record a clip of the problem channel. Analyzing the two allows operators to repair the problems.

"We established the Observer RPM system to mimic the behavior of a television viewer switching from channel to channel," said Julius Perl, vice president of marketing at Volicon. "Integration of the Observer RPM with the StreamScope RM-40 allows us to perform a deeper analysis that ties the health of the stream to the way it presents on screen. In essence, our technology provides the qualitative information to expand on the quantitative data supplied by Triveni Digital's stream analyzer."