Video’s Everywhere, Man

COLUMBIA, Md.: Around 155 million U.S. residents 18 and older have watched out-of-home video in the past month, according to Arbitron. Seventeen types of public venues were taken into account for the “Out-of-Home Digital Video Display Study of 2009.”

“Seventy-six percent of those who recall seeing digital video displays in the past month noticed seeing them at multiple venues,” Arbitron stated. “Digital video screens in retail locations alone--including grocery stores, large department stores, drug stores, shopping malls or convenience stores--reach more than 123 million American adults in an average month.”

Most display some sort of digital signage rather than TV content, an Arbitron executive said. Digital signage has become a growing secondary business for many broadcasters, including Gannett, which has around 8,000 public displays across the country. Among the findings:

  • -- Nearly one in five Americans aged 18 or older noticed a video screen in a place serving food or beverages in the past month;
  • -- 21 percent of adults have seen video displays at a movie theater.
  • -- Twenty-two percent of U.S. adults have viewed a video screen at a gas station in the past month;
  • -- 19 percent have seen video displays at an airport during the same time period and 7 percent have noticed video content while waiting for or riding mass transit.
  • -- One in seven adults (14 percent) has noticed a video display in an office building or elevator in the past month.
  • -- Nineteen percent of American adults have seen a video screen at a doctor’s office or hospital in the past month and 7 percent have viewed video content at a health club.

(Image by witoolslab)