Video Design Software introduces plug-in packages for Quantel's generationQ products

Video Design Software (VDS), will introduce Neurons V for Synapse on Quantel’s generationQ range of products, at IBC2003. Synapse is VDS’ proprietary plug-in product designed to support After Effects plug-ins within the Quantel user interface. VDS now offers six plug-in packages called Neuron Bundles for Synapse, each offering an array of dramatic effects.

The Neurons V Bundle includes Knoll Light Factory 2 from Red Giant Software. Knoll Light Factory is the gold standard in lighting effects used by thousands of motion graphic professionals and visual effects artists. With this package users can create light effects and lens flares. Like the majority of VDS plug-in bundles for Synapse, Knoll Light Factory 2 supports full 8-bit or 16-bit processing for ultimate quality.

All new Quantel generationQ products will ship with trial versions of Synapse and Neurons Bundles already installed. As Synapse and Neurons are compatible with the entire generationQ product range, they are very attractive additions to any Quantel customer interested in expanding their system’s capabilities.

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