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VertigoXmedia Granted Patent for Template-Based Broadcast Graphics

VertigoXmedia has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent Office that covers the use of templates to create and edit data-driven graphics and play them out to TV. These features make up the core functionality of Vertigo's centralized asset management system, the MOS-compliant Xmedia Suite.

"We're very happy to secure this patent, which protects the innovative broadcast solutions that the Vertigo team has developed through a great deal of hard work and years of hands-on development," said VertigoXmedia President and CEO David Wilkins, the patent holder for the Xmedia Suite's templated approach to TV graphics production. "This core technology has been key in building the Xmedia product line into an industry-leading platform for broadcast graphics automation."

Vertigo's Xmedia Suite, now in its third generation, enables broadcasters to create, edit, and control 2D and 3D digital assets throughout its graphics production workflow. Acting as a central management system, it stores and manages all digital assets and real-time data feeds from virtually any source. When users design graphical templates and link them to the data feeds, the system automatically produces up-to-date graphics ready for broadcast with any standard character generator, including the VertigoXG. The Xmedia Suite is currently in use at a number of broadcast facilities around the world.