Verizon Media Introduces Smart Bidding for OTT Ads

(Image credit: Verizon Media)

NEW YORK—Verizon Media has announced the launch of OTT Smart Auction, a header bidding-like system for OTT publishers. OTT Smart Auction enables OTT programmatic demand to compete with reserved demand in a real-time, unified auction in a publisher’s ad server.

Verizon Media says it created OTT Smart Auction to meet the needs of premium OTT publishers that deliver longform on-demand and live streaming content through connected TVs or mobile apps.

Benefits that come from utilizing OTT Smart Auction, according to Verizon Media, include OTT Smart Auction passing information directly to the Verizon Media demand side platform; providing greater transparency into bidding data; the system is built to work with the Prebid Server; and can deliver ads on longform content with support for advanced ad podding, including competitive separation, ad deduplication and support for frequency capping.

OTT Smart Auction is also integrated with Verizon Media Platform’s Smartplay Prebid system. Smartplay Prebid is a server-side integration that exposes inventory directly to OTT Smart Auction and utilizes Smartplay’s server-side ad insertion capability to provide a transition between content and ads on any device or platform, says Verizon Media.

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