Vdeo-iQ Now Open

NEW YORK—Vdeo-iQ has gotten the ball rolling on its online database, now offering information on nearly 100,000 video products from more than 300 manufacturers, including Sony, SAM, AJA and Grass Valley. The new database is an expansion of AV-iQ, a pro-AV database.

Vdeo-iQ users will be able utilize the product data comparison tool and research products with the case studies library. Additional features include a search function, project lists, and the ability to save and projects, share them, or create a customized list of preferences.

Manufacturers are able to add their products to the database for free by contacting productsupport@vdeo-iq.com. Sponsorships on the site are also available.

AV-iQ and Vdeo-iQ, are owned by NewBay.