VCI Solutions, Google, Team up on TV Ads

VCI Solutions, a provider of media management software for broadcast and cable, is teaming up with Google TV Ads through VCI’s Orion Business System.

Launched in 2008, Google TV Ads uses the Google search platform to offer an auction-based pricing system to allow anyone who wishes to advertise on TV the ability to develop an ad and place it on local TV stations and networks and target specific audiences and dayparts.

The alliance between VCI and Google, provides a dynamic, two-way communication between VCI Solution’s Orion Business System and the Google TV Ads platform. The Orion Business System generates and sends a report of available commercial inventory to the Google TV Ad system. The inventory is then made accessible to Google TV Ads advertisers through its auction-based platform. Google then provides a report of the sold inventory back to the Orion system, and standard business rules are used to accurately schedule the spots on the log. Once the spot airs, Orion provides validation of airing back to the Google TV Ads platform. This process allows Google to provide analytics and insights to media companies.

“In integrating with Google TV Ads, we are leveraging the benefits of our Orion Business System by providing our clients with the opportunity to maximize their revenue through a new online sales channel,” said Sarah Foss, President/CEO VCI Solutions. “Especially in today’s challenging economic climate, maximizing revenue is critical to success.”