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USDTV Launches OTA Digital Subscription Service

(March 16, 2004) New York, NY--U.S. Digital Television, Inc. (USDTV) has unveiled what it claims is the first ever "over-the-air" digital subscription cable channel service in the United States. The service is priced at less than $20 per month and broadcasts local, national, and popular cable channels "over-the-air" in digital and high definition formats utilizing unused digital spectrum from broadcast partners. The service will be launched in 30 major markets by the end of 2004. USDTV is currently available in Salt Lake City and will be introduced in Albuquerque, NM, and Las Vegas in the next 30 days.
USDTV bundles multiple cable channels to enable broadcast partners to deliver the service to subscribers' homes through standard VHF/UHF antennas. Customers view these digital and high definition broadcasts via USDTV's proprietary set-top box instead of a direct cable connection or a satellite dish.
"USDTV's service has created a new category in the pay television marketplace," said Steve Lindsley, chairman and chief executive officer of USDTV. "Our high-quality service provides consumers a compelling low-cost alternative to cable and satellite with all the benefits of the digital and high definition viewing experience. Broadcasters will also benefit from larger digital TV viewing audiences and a share of our subscription revenues."
U.S. Digital Television, Inc.