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UK-based post house acquires da Vinci Resolve mastering suite

London post-production house Rushes has selected the da Vinci Systems’ new Resolve R-250 digital mastering suite with its Impresario control interface to perform color correction and DI finishing.

The new system is being deployed primarily for commercials, but also will be used for long-form dramas, music promos and other projects for UK and international clients.

Most of Rushes' work originates in 35mm film that is scanned at 2K with a pin-registered machine, retaining all of the exposure range of the negative to maintain the highest possible quality throughout the post-production chain.

Material is ingested into a Bright Systems SAN from which it can be accessed directly by the Resolve system, as well as by VFX and CG systems in a streamlined workflow that eliminates the intermediate step of recording data to tape.

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