T-VIPS delivers JPEG 2000-based video transport gateway for production, digital cinema distribution

T-VIPS, a provider of video contribution and distribution solutions, is now shipping its TVG480 Digital Cinema Gateway (DCG) for the professional video production and digital cinema industries. Whether used for viewing digital dailies in real-time at remote facilities or transmitting live events to digital cinemas, the TVG480 gateway offers high-quality JPEG 2000-based IP video transport for HD and 3-D content.

George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound is deploying the TVG480 for projects requiring the real-time transmission of high-quality video and audio for off-site reviews, approvals and collaboration.

The T-VIPS DCG reduces production and operational costs by enabling new collaborative workflows in production and post and takes advantage of readily available, affordable IP-based networks. During post production, the TVG480 enables directors to review and approve intermediates, collaborating in real time with editors or colorists in remote locations, thus enhancing and improving the workflow.

The gateway transports HD, 2K or stereoscopic 3-D left-eye/right-eye signals over GigE. The TVG480 also supports visually lossless compression for one or two HD channels, or mathematically lossless compression for one HD channel.

The TVG480 is the newest member of the T-VIPS Video Gateway suite, a line of compact, powerful and cost-effective products designed for real-time transport of high-quality video over IP networks.