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TVB Tech Alert I: RunCore 128 GB SSD

CHANGSHA HUNAN, CHINA: RunCore is rolling out a new selection of solid-state drive cards with more capacity and faster transfer times than currently available models. RunCore's new Pro IV line is said to boost computer performance by five to 40 times.

The new cards come in capacities from 32 to 256 GB, in parallel or serial ATA configurations, ranging from 50 mm to 2.5 inches. Engadget says the 128 GB card does 224 MBps read and 136 MBps write times. RunCore is taking preorders for August shipping. Retail pricing is suggested $179.99 for 32 GB, $289.99 for 64 GB, $499.99 for 128 GB and $899.99 for 256 GB.
-- Deborah D. McAdams

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