TVB 3DTV Tech Alert: Wi-Fi-like 3D Transmissions

HERZLIA, ISRAEL.:An Israeli fabless semiconductor company is demonstrating high-definition, 3D video transmission over a wireless home digital interface, or WHDI. Amimon Inc. is reported to be demonstrating a prototype wireless system for transmitting 24 fps, HD, 3D, 1080p video over WHDI in the 5 GHz band. Tech-On says the Amimon intends to develop the system into adapters for wirelessly connection 3D Blu-ray recorder/players with 3DTV sets. It’s said to transmit data at up to 3 Gbps.

WHDI is similar to WiFi, which also uses 5 Ghz spectrum. The WHDI licensing body announced the addition of 3D formats to its specification last month. The updated spec--1.4a--is scheduled for a fourth-quarter, 2010 release. A 2.0 update, expected during the second quarter of next year, will accommodate “mobile device integration through reduced power consumption and footprint,” according to a release from Amimon.