Turner Outfits HD Truck With Ikegami Cams

(December 19, 2003) Maywood, NJ--Turner Studio has selected Ikegami's HDK-79E full digital cameras to equip its first HDTV truck. The mobile production unit will go into the field in 2004 with 14 portable Ikegami HDK-79E cameras.
The Ikegami HDK-79E cameras will allow Turner to work in multi-format HD (1080i, 720p) and SDTV (480i, 480p). Nine of the cameras come equipped with the Ikegami SE-79D System Expander, which enables the use of the 7-inch viewfinder and full studio lenses, converting the portable camera into a full-facility studio camera in less than a minute.
"Viewers of the Turner Entertainment networks have long been familiar with the high quality of Ikegami imagery," said John Webb, southeast regional sales manager for Ikegami. "We are extremely happy to be such an integral part of Turner's first truck dedicated to HD."