Triveni Digital Releases Enterprise-level StreamScope

Triveni Digital of Princeton, N.J. released an enterprise version of its transport stream monitor, StreamScope. The StreamScope EM-40, oversees several remote StreamScope monitors, which continuously detect, localize, analyze, and isolate faults using a predefined set of rules. The EM-40 essentially monitors the monitors in various far-flung locations.

The EM-40 monitors the StreamScope RM-40 and MT-40 units in real time, and automatically generates alarms when a transport stream falls outside an operator-specified configuration. The RM-40 and MT-40 record and measure DTV transport streams to ensure integrity, reliability, and compliance with ATSC, ATSC A/78 and SCTE standards. The RM-40 is an unattended remote monitoring system; the MT-40 monitor is a comprehensive instrument for analyzing and verifying DTV transport streams.