Triveni Digital GuideBuilder unifies metadata flow for fixed and mobile DTV

Triveni Digital has announced that users of the MediaStar Suite of program management tools from Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) can leverage Triveni Digital’s GuideBuilder metadata platform to support both fixed and ATSC Mobile DTV services.

GuideBuilder’s open standards approach can be integrated into any infrastructure and workflow, accepting schedule data and other inputs from the MediaStar Suite, and generating the metadata and signaling required for inclusion of electronic program guide (EPG) and other schedule information within both fixed and mobile transmission streams.

GuideBuilder supports traditional broadcast transmission as well as new mobile services — all from a single platform and workflow. Broadcasters can leverage their existing GuideBuilder systems along with their MediaStar data services to extend their service offerings with mobile services.

The GuideBuilder metadata platform provides mobile service support with electronic service guide (ESG) functionality, including signaling, announcements and conditional-access signaling. It is engineered in accordance with the ATSC Mobile DTV standard (A/153) to ensure up-to-date scheduling and tuning managed through the operator’s existing workflow components.

The transparent flow of data between the MediaStar Suite and GuideBuilder enables broadcasters to leverage their Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) and ESG data simply and cost-effectively in both their fixed and mobile services, thereby boosting revenue opportunities and viewer engagement.