Telecast Fiber Inks Deal With Bexel

(October 20, 2003) Worcester, MA--Telecast Fiber Systems has entered into a dealership agreement with Bexel. In addition to renting Telecast's complete line of fiber optic transmission systems, Bexel's eight offices within the United States now will offer system integration, repair, and engineering services, and sales and support of Telecast's fiber solutions.

"As fiber becomes a larger component of broadcast TV, it makes sense that Bexel, the company renting the most fiber worldwide, is also able to offer comprehensive fiber installation services for ballparks, stadiums, and other sports venues around the country," said Bexel vice president and general manager Tom Dickinson. "Our dealership arrangement with Telecast improves our ability to go in and offer turnkey solutions to a greater number of clients."

Bexel launched its fiber division in September 2002 to complement the company's existing services for production of live-event broadcasts. Operating as BBS Fiber (Bexel Broadcast Services Fiber), the new division offers complete optical fiber solutions to the broadcast, institutional, and commercial markets.

"One year ago we did not have any great vision of how HD broadcasting would progress, but we did know that the presence of fiber was growing and that it was time to take our company a step farther," added Dickinson. "If we help our clients plan for fiber now, we give them the freedom in the future to choose the best equipment for their broadcast needs."

"Bexel and Telecast share a history of providing reliable and effective solutions to the broadcast industry," said Richard A. Cerny, president of Telecast Fiber Systems. "Our agreement with Bexel will enable us to leverage each company's strengths in the broadcast industry so that we can deliver more complete solutions, service, and support for critical production systems, while also reaching a more varied market."


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