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Tektronix shows enhanced signal generation

Tektronix announced significant upgrades for its TG700 modular multiformat precision video signal generator at IBC last week.

One upgrade for the TG700 included the addition of 1080p SDI signal generation on a single link. This capability was added through the new 3Gb/s HD3G7 module, which supports both Level A and Level B 1080p SMPTE formats. The 3Gb/s HD3G7 modules assist video equipment designers and manufacturers to get to market quickly.

The TG700 is a modular platform that allows users to choose the output signal types they need and provides an upgrade path for those who wish to purchase a signal generator now but add 3Gb/s outputs at a later date.

Tektronix also showed a GPS and time code module for the TG700. The GPS7 module allows the device to act as a master clock and synchronization system, including video reference and time code, for broadcast and post-production operators. A GPS clock can simplify facility configuration by supplying all necessary clock signals from a single worldwide reference.

The GPS7 module for the TG700 provides broadcasters with the option of having all the video reference signals in their facility locked to an extremely stable source, preventing any long-term drift.

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