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SysMedia, Autoscript Win Joint IABM Award

IBC saw SysMedia and Autoscript jointly honored with an IABM Award for Excellence 2007.

The IABM awarded the prize for Autoscript’s VoicePlus Multilanguage System, powered by SysMedia’s multilanguage Speech Follower engine. VoicePlus is a self-scrolling teleprompter solution in which the prompter scrolls automatically in time with the voice of the reader, eliminating the need for manual control.

The benefits of this system include the freedom to walk around the studio, no need to use conventional foot pedals or hand controls, and no need for a separate operator.

The system now comes with the ability to work in multiple languages by means of phonetic modules for each language. The companies said the Spanish and German speech engines have been added as a result of customer requests from a number of facilities.