SpectraCal develops calibration tool for JVC 3-D projectors

JVC Professional Products has collaborated with SpectraCal, a provider of software tools for the calibration of video displays, to create a custom calibration interface within SpectraCal’s CalMAN commercial software suite for JVC’s DLA-RS60U and DLA-RS50U 3-D-enabled D-ILA Reference Series projectors.

Calibrating HD projectors has generally been a complicated process using on-screen menus and a remote control. With CalMAN’s Direct Device Control (DDC) interface, however, the process is as simple as adjusting the relative height of bars on a chart. CalMAN directly communicates with the JVC projector and measures the result of each change to achieve the desired result.

The new interactive interface streamlines the calibration process while providing full reporting for tracking results, according to Gary Klasmeier, product engineering manager of D-ILA Systems for JVC Professional. The interface organizes the workflow into a consistent and repeatable procedure for a number of adjustments, which improves accuracy and efficiency, he said.

CalMAN offers three levels of support for JVC’s home cinema projectors and provides access to individual projector controls, such as brightness and contrast adjustments, on the computer interface, with no remote control required. Its interactive charts allow the calibrator to set the projector output to any desired standards. Plus, a new one-button CalMAN-AC automated calibration solution automatically adjusts all settings across multiple measurement points as a single operation.

As part of the JVC Reference Series product line, the DLA-RS60U delivers 100,000:1 native contrast ratio, which is achieved through JVC’s wire-grid optical engine and D-ILA imagers; the DLA-RS50U offers 70,000:1 native contrast ratio. Both projectors support custom gamma tables, color space and color point and are THX- and ISF-certified to ensure exceptional picture quality in critical viewing environments.