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Spanish broadcaster archives content with Tedial technology

Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE), the Spanish national broadcaster, has chosen Tedial to provide the technology for one of the largest projects of video digitization ever undertaken.

The complete historical archive of RTVE will be converted to a common format and stored, using the complete range of Tedial technology, to achieve a seamless solution from ingest and archiving to browsing and delivery.

RTVE is the largest audiovisual group in the Spanish-speaking world. It broadcasts on five continents. The broadcaster has set a strategic objective to bring all its historical archive together — a project planned to take four years. The work will be undertaken in three RTVE centers, linked by the Tedial software into a single system.

More than 1 million videotapes containing 800,000 hours of content are to be digitized using Tedial TD Capture, crossing a large number of formats, including several generations of Betacam and older formats including U-Matic and 1in tape. Some content is only available on film. Content will be ingested at the three RTVE sites and by external service providers.

On ingest into the Tedial system it will be encoded to MXF OP1a, at 30Mb/s or 50Mb/s, or to XDCam HD as appropriate. During ingest the Tedial Indexer will also analyze the media files, providing quality assurance and extracting existing metadata. It will also storyboard each tape and generate a browse resolution version in H.264.