Sound Devices to introduce solid-state digital audio recorder

At the upcoming IBC convention (Stand 8.E72), Sound Devices will introduce its new 788T-SSD solid-state digital audio recorder, a new version of its 788T recorder. The 788T-SSD includes a 256GB solid-state hard drive. It features enhanced data storage and transfer speed while improving its durability to be nearly impervious to shock.

Sound Devices introduced solid-state recording with CompactFlash cards for the 7-Series recorders in 2004 and the feature is now available in all of the company’s 7-Series recorders. An internal 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) in the 788T-SSD gives it the ability to record more than 60 hours of uncompressed, 24-bit, eight-track audio to solid-state media, providing users with high-quality audio recording, durability and extended record time.

In addition to its shock-resistant design, the SSD drive used in the 788T-SSD enhances data transfer due to its increased transfer speed. The high-performance SSD media in the 788T-SSD has faster read and write speeds than the 160GB hard drive in the standard 788T. Like the standard 788T, the 788T-SSD is equipped with eight full-featured microphone inputs and 12 tracks of recording. In a stainless steel and aluminum chassis weighing less than 4lbs and roughly the size of a hard-covered novel, it accommodates individual controls and connectors for each of its eight inputs, plus numerous additional I/O and data connections.