Sony provides World Cup signage

Sony Professional Services has helped to equip stadiums in South Africa with more than 600 Sony LCD units ahead of the World Cup.

The Greenpoint stadium in Capetown features more than 100 professional LCD screens, running Tripleplay Services signage software, all supplied by local Sony dealer Dimension Data.

Dimension Data has further delivered 86 monitors for the stadiums in Port Elizabeth, while Durban’s stadium is also fitted with 161 professional LCDs installed by Gearhouse Systems Solutions.

Soccer City in Soweto is the premier stadium, which will host the World Cup final, with more than 90,000 seats and 249 LCDs, again integrated by Gearhouse Systems Solutions.

Sony has also sold a number of large screens for spectator infotainment at the venues. These include two 80 m2 T-20 Barco LEDs at Greenpoint and another two 42 m2 S-Lite 14 Barco screens at Rustenburg, both supplied and installed by Sony dealer Questek Advanced Technologies. Sony has also supplied two 30 m2 S-Lite 14 screens to the Orlando FIFA official training ground in Soweto.

“Working with local dealers in South Africa, we were able to secure this business spanning across the country, from Rustenburg in the north to Durban in the east, Port Elizabeth in the south and Capetown in the west,” says Ian Collinson, senior manager of Sony Professional Services.

Sony has further outfitted media rooms and VIP areas in the stadiums with 2200 VAIO displays and 1300 portable audio players for audio description. This project enables the blind and visually impaired to follow the matches and action live within the stadiums.

Sony is also set to produce a 3-D highlights package of matches for distribution at official public festival areas in six international cities. Up to 10 Bravia 3-D TV displays will be installed for members of the public to watch the 3-D action at key sites for 3-D promotional purposes during the event.

Adrian Pennington

Adrian Pennington is a journalist specialising in film and TV production. His work has appeared in The Guardian, RTS Television, Variety, British Cinematographer, Premiere and The Hollywood Reporter. Adrian has edited several publications, co-written a book on stereoscopic 3D and is copywriter of marketing materials for the industry. Follow him @pennington1