Sierra Video offers new router control software

Sierra Video Systems announced the availability of its new TyLinx router control software for its line of video and audio routing switchers. TyLinx is designed to streamline routing switcher setup and control, and features extensive personalization options for extremely intuitive operation.

TyLinx includes a window-based graphical user interface, compatible with both Windows and Macintosh workstations, that allows users to virtually recreate their routing system on their computer desktops in order to define sources and destinations, signal formats and cabling. It then automatically retrieves the source and destination names from a router and identifies those sources and destinations with compatible signal formats to guide routing choices.

The operating window contains simple tabs that allow users to switch between a traditional "XY" view of the routing switcher and the customizable "Button" view. In button viewing mode, each button can be customized with icons to reflect its own source or destination type for easy identification. Custom window skins provide further personalization options.

Supporting both Ethernet (IP) and RS-232 serial control, TyLinx allows the setup of individual control parameters on a user-by-user basis and records and stores routing commands for routine routing requirements. Virtual Room Grouping further allows each user to create custom views of sources and destinations applicable to their own project or application requirements.

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