SGL Introduces Direct Connect for Archive and Retrieval

FAREHAM, ENGLAND – Software Generation, Ltd., has introduced Direct Connect, a system that allows users to quickly transfer high resolution material, for use with the SGL and Avid ISIS shared storage environment.

Direct Connect has the ability to quickly archive and retrieve both clips and sequences that are more than several GBs, as well as shorter clips with high bit rates.

“Traditionally, content passed between SGL FlashNet and Avid ISIS is sent via Avid’s archive provider. In the past when file sizes were smaller this worked well, but for high resolution file-based content this method has some performance implications. Direct Connect enables FlashNet to connect directly to the ISIS storage system using 1/10 GB Ethernet,” said Lee Sheppard, SGL director of product management.

SGL is an archive management software company based in Fareham, England.