Sensio Raises $3 Million from Purchase Warrants

MONTREAL, QUEBEC: Sensio, creator of 3DTV technology, said it’s raised more than $3 million through the sale of purchase warrants. Sensio said 5,293,750 share purchase warrants were exercised, providing the proceeds.

“In recent months, we have demonstrated our ability to achieve a broad industry validation, to sign new licensing deals based on our re-affirmed patent, and to continue to hit our strategic milestones,” said Nicholas Routhier, president and CEO of Sensio (TSX VENTURE:SIO).

Sensio’s 3D technology enables the display of 3D content through traditional 2D channels and devices, including plasma and other hi-def TVs. It’s one of several technologies presented to the 3DTV task force formed last year by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. The SMPTE group is establishing a home mastering standard as the foundation of 3DTV, from content creation to display. An interoperable 3D standard for consumer TVs is expected to be established over the next two years.

More TVB coverage of 3DTV:
July 30, 2009:3DTV Launch Set for 2010” BSkyB now plans to launch its 3D channel next year. The satellite TV provider successfully delivered 3D content over its hi-def infrastructure earlier this year.

July 22, 2009:Industry Forging Ahead with 3D Amid Questions
“Some members fear de facto, non-open standards, for first-generation broadcast 3DTV will result from the technology decisions made by first providers. These are likely to be pay-TV operators, keen to differentiate their platform and consumer proposition. Technology decisions made by these players may not suit the current or future needs of free-to-air broadcasters.”

April 6, 2009:Live 3DTV Debuts in United Kingdom
BSkyB successfully transmitted live 3DTV across it’s systems in the United Kingdom. The satellite TV provider telecast a live transmission of a performance by the band Keane from London’s Abbey Road studios Thursday, April 2.

May 1, 2009:SMPTE Releases 3D Spec
The SMPTE 3D Home Master provides high-level image formatting requirements for the source materials authored and delivered by content developers. It also spells out requirements for the delivery of those materials to all distribution channels--from physical media to terrestrial, satellite, cable and other streaming service providers.

March 9, 2009:More 3DTV Developments
BSkyB continues plowing toward 3DTV, with a goal to offer it by the end of the year. Digital Spyreports that the chief Sky engineer said recently the plan was still on track to transmit 3D video content via the system’s existing HD infrastructure and set-top boxes.