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ScheduALL's New Sports Operations System Tackles Complex Events

ScheduALL, a provider of enterprise resource management (ERM) software broadcast and media, has released its Sports Operations System for scheduling, booking, and managing sports broadcasting resources.

NBC Sports used the tool to originate and distribute scheduling information for more than 3,600 hours of coverage at the Beijing Olympics, ScheduALL said.

The Sports Operations System tracks, schedules and manages people, resources, and equipment across multiple time zones in a complex, changing environment.

"Now that we're repurposing huge volumes of content for broadband streaming, in addition to providing 24-hour broadcasts from any number of our networks, we have far too many feeds to handle manually," said Craig Lau, vice president of IT for NBC Olympics. "In such a high-pressure situation, we can't afford not to choose the absolute best-in-breed technology solutions that work flawlessly and effectively. That's why we continue to partner with ScheduALL."

ScheduALL stored and managed critical information such as start and stop times for each event, video router assignments, and satellite uplink scheduling, and sent the information to downstream systems to facilitate on-air coverage for each feed.

"In the frenetic, high-pressure world of live sports coverage, there's no margin for error. ScheduALL systems enable leading sports media organizations to run their operations more efficiently and profitably by shouldering the burden of managing complex workflows including multiple feeds, venues, and delivery outlets," said Joel Ledlow, CEO of ScheduALL.