SBS Broadcasting buys Pixel Power Channelmasters

SBS Broadcasting Networks has purchased 19 Pixel Power ChannelMaster systems. The units will be controlled by Pixel Power’s Gallium automation that will integrate with the broadcaster’s existing playout infrastructure: MediaGenix scheduling, Aveco Astra automation and a Front Porch Diva archive.

The system has been designed and specified to run completely automatically during normal operation, providing the ability to take the 19 channels to air without the need for additional staff - creating a highly cost–effective integrated playout solution.

The ChannelMasters will initially be used for regional commercial playout with this installation dovetailing with the recently announced graphics workflow project, also being supplied by Pixel Power. The Gallium system will run the commercials breaks during th ergional opt-out, slaving to the existing Aveco system which runs the main channels Two identical chains — main and back-up — of nine units are being installed, each unit supporting two SD channels. A nineteenth unit has been specified for a test chain.