Saul Shapiro Rides Again

The guy that ran the FCC, ABC, Sony, Gist Communications and the City of New York will henceforth be in charge of the Metropolitan Television Alliance here in New York.

Saul Shapiro was named president of the MTVA, succeeding Paul Bissonette, former general manager of WPIX. Bissonette announced his impending departure in February. The alliance was formed after the 9/11, when the majority of the city’s TV stations lost their transmitter facilities in the collapse of the World Trade Centers. The alliance is working to develop a suitable replacement.

“This could include designing facilities for the Freedom Tower in lLower Manhattan, assessing alternative sites and technologies and dealing with local, state and federal authorities on relevant issues,” Shapiro said. “It’s a great opportunity, tailor made for me, and I am really thrilled to have been brought on board.”

Shapiro was actually the Media Bureau chief at the FCC; vice president of broadcast operations and technology at ABC; vice president of broadband services at Sony; chief operating officer at Gist and vice president of the New York City Economic Development Corp.

Television Broadcast looks forward to hearing from Mssr. Shapiro for slightly exaggerating his accomplishments.