Runco launches elite 3-D technology

While most Americans are on a budget and are finding 3-D too expensive for their shrinking bank accounts, Runco has announced its exclusive new 3Dimension Series D-73d projector. The technology won’t come cheap, however. Runco will be offering the new projector in the fourth quarter at $50,000.

The new projector features Runco’s Constant Stereoscopic Video (CSV) architecture, which is an approach to 3-D visualization that enables seamless decoding, syncing and merging of stereo images and delivers a constant HD image to each eye without the flicker, distortion or discomfort inherent in other approaches, according to the company.

Rather than using active-shutter glasses, Runco’s projector uses passive glasses with a design formulated for precise stereo separation, called PreciseLight. Paired with CSV, the Runco projector projects constant images to both the left eye and the right eye simultaneously into the same space, and then uses the passive glasses to show the dedicated image to its intended eye without sacrificing refresh rate or introducing flicker.

Runco’s passive glasses claim to minimize eye fatigue and the discomfort often associated with active glasses. The projector comes with six pairs of glasses that work exclusively with the Runco display for the best stereo separation and linear polarization for 3-D viewing.

Runco also said it has licensed RealD‘s Processing Package, which includes multiple technologies for the delivery and display of HD 3-D content.