Ross Video Acquires Coiron Inc.

(Image credit: Ross Video)

OTTAWA—Ross Video recently acquired Coiron Inc., a California-based software and real-time 3D graphics company.

Coiron will work with Ross to develop a suite of applications for use with the XPression family of real-time motion graphics systems. Systems like XPression Telestrate, XPression Trackless Studio and XPression Touch Factory are used for sports analysis, virtual studio production and interactive touch screen video presentations.

Coiron CEO Carlos Vasquez will now assume the role of technical product manager for the Ross Virtual Solutions group, a part of Ross Video’s graphic division.

“After years of collaboration, which has evolved from producing real-time graphics and data integration projects for Ross customers, to building and releasing live production products together, we are now moving into the next phase of our relationship: becoming integral part of their awesome team,” Vasquez said on the merger.

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