Roland Releases Free System Update for V-800HD

LOS ANGELES – A free system update for the Roland V-800HD Multi-format Switcher from Roland Systems Group is now available. The update provides a new A/B style-switching mode, direct input channel assign to AUX bus plus support for 3G-SDI Level B Mapping Structure for both 1080p50Hz and 1080p59.954Hz formats.

The update enables further synchronization options, including the ability to select SDI inputs as the sync reference. Users can also enable field sync processing between input and output fields.

The update supports multi-view monitors that are not HDCP compliant, allowing users to connect any source supporting an HDMI output. An automatic memory save function keeps memory position 1-1 loaded with the current state of the mixer, to protect from sudden power outages, and the V-800HD V1.5 also has recall filter parameters when recalling presets from a memory location.

The update also includes an expanded color correction range, in addition to fine and width adjustments of Chroma Key HUE.

The V-800HD System Software Version 1.5 can be downloaded here.