RFS Appoints new CTO

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), has announced the appointment of André Doll as its Chief Technology Officer. Based in Paris, Doll assumes responsibility for the company's R&D and project management resources worldwide.

Doll brings a wealth of management and technical experience to the position, according to RFS. In over a decade with the company, he has held senior positions in many of RFS's product areas. In his new role, he intends building on well-established processes and structures to bring innovation and new technology solutions to the organisation. Doll will draw on RFS's regionally-diversified R&D facilities, as well as working closely with a select panel of external R&D groups.

"Collaboration with external organisations will play a key part in maintaining RFS's research success," said Doll. "Today's complex and specialised technologies, and the commercial pressures brought on by shortened product lifecycles, demand innovative approaches to R&D. On the one hand, the OEM or carrier is entirely focussed on meeting time-to-market demands, while on the other, the technology developer needs assurance that the research effort will deliver a commercial return."