Rentrak to Measure Through Dish Network

PORTLAND, ORE.: Rentrak Corp. today announced a deal with Dish Network whereby its TV Essentials measurement service would be integrated with Dish set-tops. The agreement gives Rentrak access to around 14 million subscribers, and supplies it with an overall sample of 15 million TVs in all 210 designated market areas.

“With the addition of Dish Network to TV Essentials’ databases, Rentrak has fulfilled its vision of providing a national footprint as a foundation to overlay advertisers’ definition of their customers to detailed TV viewing from digital set devices,” said Rentrak CEO Bill Livek. “With this massive national data set comprised of anonymous, second-by-second viewing information--including live and time-shifted DVR click-stream viewing--TV Essentials is the only fully integrated service that can merge advertisers’ segmentation systems and their proprietary customer definitions to provide, for the first time, the power of direct marketing tools to television media buying."