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Redbyte Design is now officially an openGear technology partner. Redbyte and Ross Video have announced that they will partner to further expand converter product availabilities within the openGear line.

The company joins Ross Video, Cobalt Digital Inc., Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. and others that have adopted common card frame architecture.

"Redbyte Design is thrilled to be joining the openGear platform," said Greg Wright, Redbyte Design's general manager. "Our focus is designing high quality broadcast equipment, and we look forward to offering customers the power to choose the best terminal equipment solution for their requirements."

Redbyte, which is based in Australia, produces converters for digital television applications.

The openGear platform is based in a 2 RU modular card frame, which can accommodate up to 10 cards. The concept of a standardized card frame allows users to select the best technologies from several sources without having to purchase and install separate card trays for each. The openGear system also features a standardized control system that provides control of frames and installed cards, as well as monitoring of card and system operational parameters.