Quantel Intros New Pablo Product

Quantel has announced that it is now shipping Pablo PA, the company’s first standalone software-only product that provides color correction, effects and other high-end post tools.

The new product includes all of the company’s Pablo V5 color correction, conforming, archiving and importation/exportation feature set, as well as the Stereo 3D tools. It also includes support for RED camera content and provides facilities without Quantel systems with an economical way to benefit from the company’s posting tools.

“This will change and revolutionize the Quantel workflow,” said Henrik Cednert, CTO of Stockholm’s Mekaniken post production facility. “The possibilities are endless.”

Pablo PA’s release followed a successful Beta testing phase with a number of Quantel customers. The package is being offered on a 30-day trial purchase plan. Complete details are available at Quantel’s website.