Quantel Appoints Neil Hinson R&D Director

Quantel has appointed Neil Hinson to the position of research and development director, effective immediately. Hinton said his new role will be to focus on delivering reliable, cutting edge products that will help Quantel customers be more efficient, profitable and creative.

"I get my pleasure out of designing and building new machines then seeing our customers exploit them, often in ways I didn't imagine," Hinson said. "I see my new role as a natural extension of this. We have a hugely talented and visionary group of people here at Quantel. They give us a unique mixture of hardware and software expertise, and there is also a perfect balance of exuberant 'no-limits' youth and the kind of experience that money just can't buy."

Hinson joined Quantel in 1980. In his role as chief engineer, he was the project manager who delivered a large number of successful Quantel products -- Harry, Henry and Clipbox to name a few, and he was also one of the key architects of Quantel's current generationQ product family. He moves up to the Board from his current position as chief engineer in the Quantel R&D Department.

"We are heavily engaged in developing new products which will extend the reach of our business," said Quantel CEO Ray Cross. "Neil's enormous experience and innovative thinking have played a key role in their conception and development, and this has made him a natural choice to head up Quantel's R&D. Those same attributes also mean that Neil will be a valuable addition to the board of directors as we continue to build on our success."