Quantel adds “Filespeed” to its Enterprise sQ news/sports production system

At IBC, Quantel shoed new “Filespeed” software for its Enterprise sQ News/Sports production system, which, the company says lowers costs, increases performance and further boosts file-based workflows.

Filespeed includes: faster and quicker file-based workflows including XDCAM HD using sQ Fileflow; Edge browse creation that delivers quicker file-based workflows and reduces server cost; faster software editors using CUDA GPU acceleration - up to 4 x quicker; faster and easier playout with the new LiveTouch option; and full screen monitor output on sQ Edit desktop editor increases flexibility and reduces system costs.

The sQ Fileflow software is an SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) component that enables a fast, scalable and transparent workflow for handling XDCAM HD and P2 files in Enterprise sQ. The Fileflow Manager monitors the ingest folder for new files; the Fileflow Manager assigns jobs, handles priorities and provides an easy to understand GUI so users can see at a glance the file I/O status. Fileflow Engines handle the actual ingest or export of file content. The result is simple but powerful automation of file import and export without requiring external automation control.

Quantel’s sQ Edit desktop editor can now take advantage of GPU based rendering through newly enabled support for the NVIDIA Quadro card. This boosts performance by up to four times using CUDA rendering. It means that sQ Edit desktop users can produce complex effects and packages faster than ever.

Finally, the new LiveTouch option for sQ Play (Quantel’s Enterprise sQ playout application) brings the ability to perform sports highlighting and playout from a single workstation. Operators use the Quantel jog/shuttle controller to search rapidly backwards and forwards along a clip, mark in and out points and add highlight clips to a playlist that’s ready to go to air instantly.

There’s also now a new full screen monitor output on sQ Edit.