Quantegy Discontinues Tape Product Production

Quantegy Recording Solutions has announced that the company will be ending production of most of its magnetic recording tape products by April 2007.

The company is the last in a once long list of U.S. magnetic tape suppliers to end tape manufacturing.

A statement was issued by the Quantegy, noting that while it had been providing products for professional magnetic tape users for more than 60 years, other recording technologies had lessened the demand for the company's tape products.

"Unfortunately, as technology improves, there is a decrease in demand for magnetic tape media," the company said. "It is for this reason that Quantegy is now discontinuing certain magnetic tape products. Looking to the future, Quantegy will center its focus on research and development of new technology to better serve its primary markets."

Affected are virtually all of the company's video and audio product lines, including Beta products, VHS, D1 and D2, one-inch type "C" and U-Matic. The move eliminates reel-to-reel, DAT and DAU audio products.

The company said its intentions are to focus now on their FHD and Black Diamond hard drive storage units.

A last call for orders has been set for the end of February.