Pro-Bel To Support Pixel Power Clarity Range

Amsterdam--Pro-Bel has announced the expansion of its Morpheus partner program by offering full support for the Pixel Power Clarity range of graphics technologies within the Morpheus automation system.
Morpheus' architecture supports nonlinear playout of conventional material and a wide range of multi-media and data-based content. At the core of Morpheus is the MediaBall concept, allowing complex sequences of events to be packaged in a way that provides simple presentation to an operator and easy manipulation within a schedule.
Traditionally, automation systems have only driven graphics generators in terms of simple memory recalls of whole effects or whole pages of predetermined graphics. Therefore the operator had to rely on pre-authored graphics content. Through tight integration of Morpheus’ device control and Clarity’s API, complex onscreen graphics can be created by scheduling individual elements as a series of automation events, or complete sequences can be packaged as MediaBalls.
"For some time, automation systems have been unable to exploit the full capabilities of some modern devices that encompass multiple functions. Morpheus comprehensively addresses this challenge as is clearly demonstrated by the work we have done with Pixel Power" said Neil Maycock, chief technical officer, Pro-Bel.
James Gilbert, commercial director of Pixel Power, said, "I am delighted that Pixel Power and Pro-Bel have been able to achieve such powerful integration between Clarity and Morpheus. We have a number of existing customers and new opportunities that can take advantage of this close integration."
Pixel Power