Pesa Routes for CES 2012 Exhibitors

HUNTSVILLE, ALA.: Pesa said its routers “played a significant role behind the scenes” a the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company said its routers were used by “several exhibitors and [for] the keynote presentations from Ericsson, Intel, Microsoft, and Qualcomm.

Staging Techniques, an event staging company with offices in California, New York, Atlanta, and Seattle, was contracted to provide video support for the keynotes in cooperation with the overall event management firm, The Production Network.

“The CES keynotes are an average-sized show for us, with an audience size of approximately 2,000,” said Bryce Will, general manager of Staging Techniques. “Where it does get fairly involved is with the technical complexity. Four different clients--all high-technology companies--make for a pretty demanding environment. Lots of different sources, many different signal formats, and the quick changeovers required between the rehearsals and shows keep things exciting.”

The keynotes were streamed live and archived for on-demand viewing by the Consumer Electronics Association, Staging Techniques’ primary client, as well as the individual keynote companies. Two PESA Cheetah 64NE HD-SDI routers were used to feed video switchers for live HD cameras and other sources during each of the presentations. Will said the PESA routers are permanently installed in the company’s HD flypacks.