Perth’s ‘The Maj’ Theatre Installs All-Digital Riedel Intercom System

WUPPERTAL, GERMANY —His Majesty's Theatre in Perth has installed a Riedel Communications digital intercom system. The solution prepares the facility for Australia’s “digital dividend,” which mandates the release and eventual auction of 126 MHz of contiguous RF spectrum and will affect wireless microphones, in-ear monitors and RF communications systems.

The theatre’s all-digital intercom is controlled by a Riedel Artist 32 digital intercom matrix. “The Maj” has replaced its traditional analog partylines with flexible Riedel Performer digital partylines and exchanged its existing wireless system with Riedel's Acrobat digital wireless system.

“The implementation of the Riedel system at His Majesty's Theatre has made vast improvements in the venue’s back-of-house operations as its high-level coverage greatly increases the scope of our flexibility and opportunities for communication in both performance and rehearsal modes,” said General Manager Rodney Phillips.

The Acrobat wireless system runs in the DECT spectrum at 1.9 GHz, unaffected by the digital dividend. The single CC-8 base station can control up to 18 wireless belt packs, each with two full-duplex channels. Four CA-6 antennas cover the facility, and rich interfacing enables the audio team to replace a myriad of paging microphones, combining them directly into the stage manager's 1RU control panel. One rackmount and three desktop Artist key panels give users high-quality audio and total system control. The Director software enables technicians to control conversations and improves the clarity, utility and safety of theater communications.