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PAG Introduces New 16 Channel Battery Charger, Broadcast Time Battery

PAGlink 16 channel battery charger

LONDON–PAG introduces two new products in its battery and charger lines.

The new version of its Cube charger, designed for linked battery charging. The PAGlink battery system is a four-position V-Mount Li-Ion location charger capable of charging four individual or linked PAGlink batteries on each position, effectively making the PAGlink Cube a 16-channel charger.

PAGlink allows up to 8 batteries to be linked for charge or discharge. Its capacities can be combined for longer camera run-time or to provide up to 12A current for power hungry cameras and accessories, helping to diminish power concerns for high-load set-ups. “Cameramen have told us that battery management on location often involves setting an alarm for the middle of the night, so that they can put more batteries on charge. With PAGlink this is no longer necessary,” Sales Director Nigel Gardiner said. “At the end of a shoot, you simply link your batteries, connect them to the charger, and the next day they will all be charged and ready to go”.

Eight fully-discharged PAGlink batteries can be fully-charged in 10 hours, the status of which can be ascertained by an indicator on the battery’s individual display.

The PAGlink Cube can also be used to charge nonlinking PAG V-Mount Li-Ion batteries. The charger can be used to power your camera from any AC supply, using a PAG Camera Power Adaptor (Model 9701V, and it is capable of supplying approximately 100W (6A at 16.8V).

Broadcast Time Battery

New Broadcast Time Battery The new PAG L96T Time Battery is a version of the company’s L95 Time Battery, and a replacement for it, providing a maximum continuous output of 8A, and features improved performance at low temperatures.

The 96 watt-hour, 14.8V 6.5Ah pack is designed for broadcast ENG and professional video production. It incorporates high-capacity, long-life Li-Ion cells, and is available in V-Mount, PAGlok and Snap-on compatible models. The V-Mount and PAGlok models are also compatible with multiple viewfinder data systems for displaying battery capacity and adjust automatically to each.

The L96T Time Battery incorporates a numeric run-time and capacity display. Two button presses will display remaining run-time for the given load. The internal processor assessess the changes of load that occur during use, the charge status, condition of the cells and the ambient temperature. The display tracks performance and adjusts calibration values to compensate for the aging sand does not require a periodic ‘service’ charge.

PAG is one of the broadcast industry’s longest established providers of innovative and high-quality camera power and lighting systems.