Orca rolls out IPTV product catalog

At IBC2006, Orca Interactive introduced its product catalog, an enhanced business management system that extends support for flexible IPTV business models.

The catalog is designed to help IPTV operators support new types of pricing methods for services and bundles, driving growth through enhanced revenue generation and customer loyalty.

The Orca product catalog allows operators to offer:

  • Segmented and dynamic packages,
  • Cross-product packaging and bundling capabilities,
  • Pricing models based on user needs and usage.

Additionally, operators can promote and reward loyalty, as well as strengthen the bond with subscribers, by offering incentive plans and targeted promotions with specific segments based on usage. With Orca's Service Delivery Platform (SDP), the same business models can apply to all applications introduced in an IPTV service.

For more information, visit: www.orcainteractive.com.