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OmniBus puts ITX HD on display at NAB Show

The OmniBus iTX HD production and transmission system delivers a superior broadcast automation, master control and playout system in one. The iTX system also includes a comprehensive range of advanced media asset management features.

This enterprise-class solution delivers all the sophisticated management capabilities of high-end automation systems including support for a wide variety of traffic systems and management systems such as HP OpenView and Microsoft MOMs. The system offers a more configurable and responsive end-to-end solution for a wide array of operating environments — ranging from mobile to IPTV and from centralized multichannel operations through to single-channel stations.

Building on its extensive SD capabilities, iTX now delivers 1080p24 and built-in Dolby 5.1 decoding and encoding, expediting the launch of new HD channels. The iTX suite of products includes:

  • OmniBus iTX NEWS — Developed in conjunction with some of the major names in news broadcasting, iTX NEWS provides an extremely speedy, flexible and responsive solution for today's rapidly evolving multiformat news environment.
  • OmniBus iTX Business Continuity Planning — iTX BCP is a specially configured variation of iTX designed for business continuity (disaster recovery) applications that includes media replication, fully redundant mirroring and remote operation after evacuation.
  • iTX On-Demand — iTX On-Demand is a new version of iTX that simplifies the process of creating VOD material by allowing broadcasters to transmit conventional channels and save VOD-ready content from the same iTX workflow and hardware, without having to reingest or reformat material explicitly for VOD use.
  • iTX GFX — iTX GFX combines the ease of use of iTX with the power of the rtSoftware tOG rendering engine to deliver high-quality 2-D graphics, sophisticated 3-D graphics and real-time DVE effects.