OmniBus iTX offers 1080p24 support

OmniBus Systems has added full 1080p24 capability to its iTX production and playout system, enabling the handling of the highest quality HD signals for production and broadcast.

In its latest configuration, iTX will also offer built-in Dolby 5.1 surround-sound decoding/encoding to enable editing and mixing of Dolby encoded streams, and a new approach to time code handling that replaces frame-based time code with integrated true digital time-based tracking.

The company said the new version of iTX delivers fully integrated 1080p24 capability across the entire production process, including ingest, media management, graphics and playout.

Currently used by broadcasters like AT&T, Turner, DIRECTV, CNN, ABC and the BBC, the iTX system is tightly integrated into their production and distribution environments. This includes the two-way exchange of data with the broadcaster's business and traffic systems. The system gives users the ability to quickly respond to late-breaking events, last-minute interventions and instant changes to on-screen graphics and information displays. In addition, the iTX platform’s features for regional opt-outs and commercial breaks across multiple regions make it an agile system for developing and serving audiences on a global scale and driving effective revenue models.