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OmniBus iTX adds three-tier graphics capability to iTX platform

OmniBus Systems will showcase new real-time 2-D and 3-D channel branding and interstitial graphics capabilities for its iTX platform at IBC2009. Offering tight integration with external devices such as Pixel Power’s Clarity and the ability to combine external graphics with its own in-built real-time graphic elements, iTX makes it possible for broadcasters to create and present a new level of graphic capability along with the ability to make last-minute changes, even while on-air.

The iTX platform provides users with a wide choice of approaches to graphics creation. The built-in graphics available with iTX feature sophisticated character generator (CG) capabilities, providing functionality equivalent to using many dedicated CGs simultaneously, with dynamically updating multiple crawls and data feeds from external sources, multiple animated TARGA sequences and multiple logos.

Building on the standard graphics, the optional iTX GFX plug-in provides the tools to create real-time 3-D graphics and DVEs combining text, video and 3-D in the same space to achieve a level of integration that has been impossible with conventional equipment. For users with existing products and workflow, iTX provides a third path for graphics production by integrating external devices such as CGs and dedicated graphics systems, with full control from the iTX desktop, and the ability to combine graphic elements from different sources in the same event.

A full range of new graphics features will be shown, including the use of animated TARGA sequences up to full 1080 HD resolution and an optional GFX 2-D/3-D embedded graphics engine that allows integration of real-time 3-D and other graphic elements, such as dynamic text, live video and TARGA sequences.