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OmniBus advances on-demand VOD solution at IBC2007

Omnibus announced iTX On Demand, a new version of its software-based broadcast automation and playout system.

iTX On Demand simplifies the process of creating VOD material by allowing broadcasters to transmit conventional channels and save VOD-ready content from the same iTX workflow and hardware, without having to reingest or reformat material explicitly for VOD use.

iTX On Demand can be used to create everything from low-resolution files for Web download or mobile phones to HD MPEG4 files with Dolby surround sound for broadband IPTV applications.

Broadcasters can choose to save the output of a playlist to an MPEG or WMV file at the same time as transmitting it to air, or customize the playlist with branding and other elements specifically for the VOD service, for rendering offline. All format conversion and encoding is handled automatically by iTX On Demand software to produce the finished output in the required format.

Broadcasters using iTX On Demand to create VOD content can take advantage of the full range of production features and automation functionality, creating playlists with the same tools and schedule downloads used for the conventional channels, while adding any promo material, keys, graphics, picture-in-picture, voiceovers and visual effects required for the customized VOD output.

iTX’s multiformat capabilities mean broadcasters do not need to create new workflows to convert material specially for the VOD output, and content is ingested only once for both broadcast and VOD use.

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