Next|Video Advanced Media Technology Conference Open to All

WASHINGTON—The latest trends, technology and techniques in video media will be the focus of a two-day event coming up at the Washington Convention Center. The Next|Video Conference will feature tracks drilling down into IP-centric collaborative production environments, enterprise media and streaming technologies.

“Next|Video is a must-attend event for media creators in corporate, education, government and all professional settings,” said organizer Cristina Clapp, editorial director of Digital Video magazine. “This conference targets operations of all sizes and is free of charge.”

The conference will take place in three tracks in adjacent presentation rooms at the Convention Center. Collaborative Environments will be discussed in 209A; Enterprise Media in 209B; and Streaming Technology in 209C. Each launches a track Wednesday at 10 a.m.

The Collaborative Environments track will open with a discussion about creating the best “huddle room,” a smaller, collaborative workspace equipped with audio/video communications. The merging of A/V and Internet technology will follow, including a review of the pros and cons of HDMI, HDCP and CobraNet, as well as AVB, HDBaseT, Dante, H.265, and Video-over-IP.

After lunch, the track will feature a presentation on the benefits of full-duplex, wired, IP- and virtual intercom platforms, and how intercoms interoperate with smartphones and tactical radio networks. The day will wrap with a look at what the future holds for collaborate work environments.

Concurrently on Wednesday, the Enterprise Media track will open at 10 o’clock with a discussion of the business rationale for streaming, followed by a drill-down into engagement for more effective messaging. After lunch, the focus will turn to how web video can improve user engagement for any type of organization, as well as how to measure the effectiveness of a video campaign.

Over in the Streaming Tech track in 209C, Wednesday will start with a talk on how to produce live, interactive video content. Up next, there will be a presentation on watermarking and fingerprinting for tracking video around the world across the Internet. The post-lunch session will examine streaming at 720p with a single cellular modem. Micro-targeted ad delivery leveraging big data will round out the day.

The day begins again at 10 o’clock on Thursday, with a discussion of the A/V-IT convergence in the mobile world launching the Collaborative Environment track. A look at distribution for digital signage will be followed after lunch by an introduction to live streaming. Content delivery to multiscreen digital signage and the use of low-voltage Cat-6 technology in display installation will round out the track.

In Enterprise Media, the day will begin with examples of how video is being incorporated into, and expanding, communications. Next will be a look at how to get clickers to stay longer than 10 seconds. After lunch is a tutorial on creating a corporate explainer video, and another on distributing corporate video effectively.

The Streaming Tech track launches Thursday with a codec comparison of HEVC, MPEG-2 and H.264. Advances in unbonded camera-based video streaming follows. After lunch, auto-cataloging multimedia content is discussed, followed by fixes for delivering content over IT infrastructures. The session concludes with a look at media management for enterprise-level operations.

A round-table reception follows from 4 to 6 p.m.

Next|Video is produced by the creators of the Next|Video Conference + Expo in Pasadena this past October.