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NewTek 3Play 4800 replay server delivers switcher-like transitions, social media support

NewTek has unveiled the 3Play 4800, a multicamera replay server that provides sports producers with access to redundant capture, sophisticated visual effects, live replay switching, high-quality slow motion and social media publishing.

3Play 4800 goes beyond traditional live replay and provides out of the box integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This solution allows operators to deliver media instantly into their existing dialog with fans. 
Top features include:

  • Redundant capture of up to four live video sources;
  • High-end visuals, such as live animated, 3D-warped visual transition effects for switching and in-program editing;
  • Live replay switching, which allows transitioning between angles using a video-switcher style, thus providing a completely finished replay segment within moments;
  • High-quality slow motion;
  • Social media publishing.